Masamichi Fujisawa

The Coolest Teacher around


Species: Enhanced human
Race: White
Gender: male
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skin Tone: N/A
Role: History Teacher
External Motivation: N/A
Internal Motivation: N/A
External Conflict: N/A
Internal Conflict: N/A
Description: One of the senior staff at quagmire highschool. He is a dedicated teacher.
Education: N/A
Skills & Talents: Teaching skills, history, super human strength speed and combat techniques, Geomancy training.
Fears & Phobias: N/A
Traits: N/A


After the events of El Hazard! The Magnificent World Mr. Fujisawa and His wife Miz Stayed in the Magnificent world for a time to help the transition of water priestesses and to help Delegate the peace among the tribes of El Hazard. After that was taken care of They returned to Earth and settled in the small town of Quagmire.

during this time is when Mr. Fujisawa thanks to his time with the elemental Priestess took up Geomancy while returning to his first love teaching. along with Miz they have worked to make Quagmire high school a place to not only educate but to train the next generation of supernaturals to be responsible with their powers and to be able to fully utilize them.

Masamichi Fujisawa

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