Mesato Winner

Inventor, Scientist, Completely Lost


Age: 16
Species: half mass Juraian, half human
Race: Juraian/ arabian
Gender: male
Height: 5’5
Weight: strong but wirey build.
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: pale
Role: main hero, the inventor
External Motivation: Trying to fit in and be social. Understand life planet side, wanting to impress girls and be a good friend.
Internal Motivation: Being a good scientist and the persuade of knowledge on all things. Wants to be like his grandmother washu.
External Conflict: Trying to make new friends, solve who the mysterious woman who attack Janus is, figureout dating And high school life.
Internal Conflict: Keeping his two identities secret, living up to being a genius and wanting to invent something true grat.
Description: Long wild hair, usually wear casual t shirts,tank tops or jeans,comfortable durable cloths. Always has a pair of flight goggles, and work glove guns on each hand.
Education: home school, currently in high school but has college level understanding of various sciences mechanics and engineering.
Skills & Talents: Can brawl, and use a hammer. Has the ability to fly at 75 mph and hover, teleport in 10 m raid us bursts, super strength that can lift 2.5 tons, can create a duplicate of himself and can survive extreme hot and cold and the vacuum of space. Has the ability to change genders at will and channels it thru on of the glove guns. Powers are reliant on gems embedded in his body.
Fears & Phobias: Absolutely terrified of caves to the point of refusing to go into them.
Traits: Easily distract and often times absent minded, rare walks or has his feet on the ground. Tend to be over ayanltical and scientific.


Mesato Was born to Quatre Winner and Ryoko Winner. from a young age it was apperent mesato had gained his Grandmother’s intellgence. Mesato being the prince of Neo-Arabia he was constantly guarded and watched over. He doesn’t remember but with all three of his gem he laid waste to an eastern wing of the palace. At Quatre’s insistence Washu collected two of his gems and is keeping them for an age more appropriate for that power. The trade off was that Ryoko insisted that they take Mesato somewhere less closed off. So they moved to the coloney while Quatre was working for the EDF with Duo out there.

It was on the colonies Mesato met Duo’s kids Reno and Trio, and Tenchi’s daughter Atchika. It’s also where his affinity for working on mecha manifested as he quickly would take to the hanger in his down time to fix, build and work on mecha… at one point working himself up to specifically work on the gundams. Being schooled by Washu and working in the bays filled Mesato’s life until he was sixteen.

Quatre was reassigned at that point and Mesato moved with his parents to Quagmire. It was there he met Demetria and Janus after an altercation in the mall with some bullies. they took him under their wing and became fast friends. A few Weeks later Nadine moved to town and he and Janus helped her move into her place.

A few weeks passed and he started to date, Anshi and Demetria alternative. It was during this time that Sailor “Psycho” first appeared attacking Janus and putting him in the hospital and taking a shot at him and Demetria while they were out on dates. They both Got Janus to the hospital while Infurita fought her off.

A day later they were question at the hospital by [[:kamizite-mawaru] and Samaru Archer posing as CIA agents. Mesato then went on trying to find information about Sailor Psycho.
Three weeks passed, of datinging and seeinf janus and then Janus and Nadine broke up.

Seeing his best friend falling into a depression he came up with the idea of Michiko

The next week Sailor psycho attack again Chasing Samaru and Sailor Moon taking flight after them he interjected himself in the fight before Samaru was mortally wounded and he had to escape with both of them.

Since then Princess Usa has been staying as a house guest while Samaru recovers. Mesato also defeated a Yoma in toronto on a failed date with Anshi.

Mesato Winner

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