Miz Fujisawa

Principal and High Water Preistess


Species: human
Race: White
Gender: male
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color:light blue
Eye Color: light blue
Skin Tone: N/A
Role:High school principal
External Motivation: N/A
Internal Motivation: N/A
External Conflict: N/A
Internal Conflict: N/A
Description:Slender woman with a commanding demeanor.
Education: N/A
Skills & Talents: Elemental control over water and advanced combat training.
Fears & Phobias: N/A
Traits: N/A


After the events of El Hazard! The Magnificent World Mrs. Miz and her husband Masamichi Stayed in the Magnificent world for a time to help the transition of water priestesses and to help Delegate the peace among the tribes of El Hazard. After that was taken care of They returned to Earth and settled in the small town of Quagmire.

During this time is when Mrs. Miz took a job as principal of the local high school in order to supervise the training of young supernaturals, since quagmire had started to become a hot spot for them.

Miz Fujisawa

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