Sailor Moon

Defender of love and truth and wait... Didn't she used to be blond?


Age: ??
Species: Lunarian
Gender: female
Height: 5’9 ( in heels)
Hair Color: pink
Eye Color: pink
Skin Tone:
Role: Sailor Moon, Princess of the moon kingdom, Defender of truth, justice, and love
External Motivation:
Internal Motivation:
External Conflict:
Internal Conflict:
Description: Long hair in odangos with a long pony tail on either side
Skills & Talents: flight, increased fighting capabilities.
Fears & Phobias:


A legend really, from the old days in Japan about a supposed superhero named sailor moon and her sailor scouts or senshi depending on who you ask. She is the source of many urban legends. Oddly thou she seems to have made an appearance in quagmire recently. She also looks remarkably well for someone who should be in their mid forties or older…. And didn’t she used to be blond? Bloody rumors.

Sailor Moon

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