Samaru Archer

cursed knight, part time fake M.i.B.


Age: 16
Species: lunarian
Gender: male
Weight: muscular build.
Hair Color: purple hair
Eye Color: purple eyes
Skin Tone:
Role: The Cronos Knight, host for sailor Morpheus
External Motivation:
Internal Motivation:
External Conflict:
Internal Conflict:
Description: Long hair , muscular build,
Skills & Talents: Can transform into the Cronos knight, has to change into kayleen at times, as pre his curse.
Fears & Phobias:
Traits: Cursed


Samaru Archer, is the son of Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus. Like his mother Samaru has taken up a mantle of a senshi, or a knight in his case.

Thou unclear as to how or why Samaru has acquired a curse of sorts, one that has yet to be revealed.

Samaru along with Kamizite was one of the two “M.I.B.”s that visited Janus’s hospital room and talked with Folken, Infurita, Demetria, and Mesato inquiring about [[Sailor "Psycho"}}

A month later He was also critically injured by Sailor Psycho but luckly gotten to safety so that he could recover in [[:washu-habuki| Washu’s}} lab. He is currently incpasitated.

Samaru Archer

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