Anshi Himemiya

Perky Goth That's Kinda Bored.


Age: 15
Species: elf
Race: high
Gender: female
Height: 5’4
Weight: curvy.
Hair Color: dark purple
Eye Color: dark purple
Skin Tone: tanned
Role: back up singer key bordist
External Motivation: N/A
Internal Motivation: N/A
External Conflict: N/A
Internal Conflict: N/A
Description: A perky goth type character, is very flirt dispute her dark attire.
Education: home school equivliant to a freshman in high school
Skills & Talents: Knows some magic, has a talent for keyboards and singing.
Fears & Phobias: N/A
Traits: Affectionate, outgoing, and forward.


Anshi is the younger of Himemiya children and like her family is an elf and practices magic. Anshi and her brother Kaji conceal their herritage and have lived in Quagmire all their lives.

Anshi is a traditional mage using a wand or hand gestures, to cast her spells. He is more powerful then Kaji but also doesn’t possess any combat skills. She is also much more personible then her brother and comes off at times a bit spoiled.

Kaji and Anshi met Janus at a young age and became friends, thou being homeschooled and a bit sheltered they don’t get to hang out with the main group. She is causally dating Mesato thou the last date ended in a yoma attack and her drained of energy.

She sings and plays keyboards in Absence of Faith.

Anshi Himemiya

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