Infurita Flanel

The Mother of All Demon.... Goddesses.


Age: ??
Species: Demon Goddess
Race: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: lavender
Eye Color: red
Skin Tone: N/A
Role: home maker, demon goddess, shop owner
External Motivation: N/A
Internal Motivation: N/A
External Conflict: N/A
Internal Conflict: N/A
Description: As a mother stern but loving and caring, but when roused to anger, is cold, calculating and unnervingly emotionless and brutal.
Education: N/A
Skills & Talents: Flight, super strength, the ability to copy any power or ability used on her.
Fears & Phobias: N/A
Traits: N/A


After the events of El Hazard! The Magnificent World Infurita, left to find herself and traveled the void betweenGaia and El hazard. there she met Folken both having gone thru long bouts traveled to earth together in search of something better for their lives. Somewhere along the way they married and decided to settle in quagmire.

Folken settled into politics and slowly worked his way up as Infurita took up starting their family she is mostly a stay at home mom, but if something or someone is threatening Quagmire she quickly rises as it’s enforcer. She is the only one to have attacked Sailor Psycho thou no one know what happened during the fight, only that Sailor psycho some how escaped.

Infurita Flanel

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