Kamizite Mawaru

He was a General... but he got better


Age: 18
Species: Dark Lunarian
Gender: male
Weight: medium build.
Hair Color: black and blond
Eye Color: purple
Skin Tone:
Role: God Stone Knight
External Motivation:
Internal Motivation:
External Conflict:
Internal Conflict:
Description: Long messy hair.
Skills & Talents: Can transform into the God Stone knight.
Fears & Phobias:


In the last life Kamizite Mawaru used to be an enemy of the moon kingdom. he was the 5th general of the the Negaverse and brother of Nephrite Back in the day when they were warring with the moon Kingdom Kamizite and his fellow general Topazite left tired of the endless war and before their turn at the chopping block came up.

Defecting to the moon Kingdom and helping them take down the negaverse. thou the two of them were always consider outsiders among them they made friends with Samaru Archer

After they reincarnated Kami and Samaru still remained the best of friends, and thou still considered an outsider he was granted the abilities of a knight for his heroics in teh last life. He mostly operates in Toronto as the New Moon Knight. After the first Sailor “Psycho” incident he posed with Samaru as a CIA agent and talked to Folken, Infurita, Mesato, and Demetria.

He also helped Mesato during the Yoma attack.

Kamizite Mawaru

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