Michiko Winner

Experimental Girlfriend


Age: 16
Species: half mass Juraian, half man.
Race: Juraian / Arabian
Gender: female
Height: 5’3
Weight: top heavy, and curvy for a sixteen year old.
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: silver
Skin Tone: tanned.
Role: main heroine, sailor jurai
External Motivation: To help him get over his last relationship.
Internal Motivation: Wanting to help Janus get past his relationship problems and Nadine have a friend.
External Conflict: Trying to fit in and be attractive to Janus.
Internal Conflict: Trying to fit in and make a convincing girl to learn social interactions from the other side.
Description: Gothy in dress, straight long hair, with light make up.
Education: genius like Mesato, advanced knowledge of science, mechanics and engineering.
Skills & Talents: Can brawl, and use a hammer. Has the ability to fly at 75 mph and hover, teleport in 10 m raid us bursts, super strength that can lift 2.5 tons, can create a duplicate of himself and can survive extreme hot and cold and the vacuum of space. Has the ability to change genders at will and channels it thru on of the glove guns. Powers are reliant on gems embedded in his body.
Fears & Phobias: Absolutely terrified of caves to the point of refusing to go into them.
Traits: Easily distracted, comes off a bit as a ditz due to her unfamiliarity with social customers.


Michiko became reality when Mesato wanted to help Janus get out of his funk post breakup with Nadine. He asked his grandmother to adjust his blue gem which previously just transformed him to a female version of himself to look different and in his words “something that any guy would find attractive.”

Upon using it he enlisted the help of Nadine to learning how to act and be a typical girl, she selected a goth type style because Janus himself does the same. So far Michiko has only ventured on a date with Janus, a few text exchanges and some shopping excursions with Nadine. Demetria doesn’t like her. Janus thou seems rather taken with her.

Michiko Winner

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