Michiru Kou

Refined Housewife.... or is she?


Age: N/A
Species: lunarin
Gender: female
Hair Color: sea green
Eye Color: sea green
Skin Tone:
Role: home maker and metrologist. occasion concert violinist.
External Motivation:
Internal Motivation:
External Conflict:
Internal Conflict:
Description: Local meteorologist, home maker.
Education: masters degree
Skills & Talents: Violinist, dance, etiquette, can transform into Sailro Neptune.
Fears & Phobias:


After the events of Stars Michiru and Haruka found themselves on the outs with the senshi for betraying them to Galaxia… even if their plan was to double cross Galaxia. They went their separate ways, Michiru deciding to go back to college. It was there she once again came across Seiya who had returned with the other starlights to earth in order to make a new home here. One thing led to another and after a long courtship the two married.

It was also during this time that the starlights on behalf of Michiru and Haruka (Who had married Yoten) appealed to the moon kingdom and more specifically Princess Usa to make amends Which help mend the bridges between them.

After staying for some years on the moon, They moved down to Quagmire with their Daughter Nadine around the same time Mesato moved down. on the surface it was for business reason thou it remains to be seen if there are others.

Michiru Kou

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