Usa Chiba

Princess of the moon.... not a super hero


Age: 19
Species: Lunarian
Gender: female
Height: 5’7
Hair Color: pink
Eye Color: pink
Skin Tone:
Role: Sailor Moon, Princess of the moon kingdom, College student
External Motivation:
Internal Motivation:
External Conflict:
Internal Conflict:
Description: Long hair in odangos with a long pony tail on either side
Skills & Talents: Can transform into Sailor Moon
Fears & Phobias:


After the Events of Stars Usa returned home to her timeline and continued to lead the life of a normal princess, she was instrumental in helping mend the rift between {{:michiru-kou| Michiru]] Haruka and the rest of the Senshi following their defection to Galaxia.

Upon leaving high school Usa studied college in Paris where she is now a second semester freshman. Unknown circumstances has brought her to Quagmire but since the attack by [[sailor "Psycho"}} she has been staying at the Winner Residence with Mesato and his family.

Usa has also recently taken up the mantle of Sailor Moon. She is very close with many of the other Senshi’s children and their friends including Samaru and Kamizite

Usa Chiba

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