Yurika Tenkawa

Housewife and very suspicious


Species: human
Race: N/A
Gender: female
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: blue
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: N/A
Role: home maker
External Motivation: N/A
Internal Motivation: N/A
External Conflict: N/A
Internal Conflict: N/A
Description: Up beat and bubbly, can be a bit of a dots but it hides her genius level intellect.
Education: space academy
Skills & Talents: Photographic memory, genius level intelligence in tactics and military sciences
Fears & Phobias: N/A
Traits: N/A


After the events of Prince of Darkness Yurika Left earth and traveled with her husband Agito}} exploring the deeper areas of space while reconnecting. After about a time of four years they returned to earth and settled in Quagmire. Yurika opted to stay home rather then return to the EDF preferring to raise {{:demetria-hoshino-starwind| Demetria rather then captaining a ship again.

She is still as quirky as ever and kind of a ditz, but has retained all her military knowledge and remains kind hearted dispute all that’s happened to her.

Yurika Tenkawa

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